Donation Point Tap Terminal

Countertop Stand

This is a brief overview of how to best use your Donation Point tap terminal with the Countertop Stand.

Connecting to Power

The stand is supplied with a 12V plug pack and an A5 acrylic campaign banner holder. Use the banner holder to attract attention to the terminal and communicate your charity's message.

Securing the Terminal

The Donation Point Stand is intended as a permanent attachment for the terminal. It is important that the locking screw on the stand is tightened into the terminal to prevent theft of the terminal. Further theft mitigation methods include using the tether kit cable and tying the cable to an immovable object.

Designing a Banner

The A5 campaign banner is best designed by someone with the appropriate skills and design software.
To assist with the process, Quest provides a PDF banner template for download and use to start your design.
Download Banner template