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To access the menu, hold the 'Power' button down for three seconds. The below default menu functions will appear.

Last Transaction

Tapping [Last Transaction] will show the last transaction receipt completed on this Terminal.

This may be useful if the customer previously declined a copy of their receipt, or the terminal timed out before scanning.

Host Log-on

Performing a Log-on will initiate a session between the terminal and the Acquirer / Bank (aka Host), indicating to the Bank that this terminal is now ready to process financial transactions. This function can also be used to test the connection to the Bank.
By default, the terminal will ALWAYS look to 'Log-on' to your Host. At times, you may need to force a Log-on. You may be instructed by your Help desk to action a Log-on or, if the terminal alerts you to running in offline mode (if offline mode is supported), perform a Log-on.

Offline transaction processing is available but is dependent on your chosen Bank.
Contact your Quest Support for more information.



This section is locked from general access. A Merchant Passcode is required to change these settings

Power Options

Power Options allows you to set the auto sleep time for both cable power and battery power modes, along with the auto shutdown time.


This section displays the terminals configuration in regard to Bank type, Merchant and Terminal IDs that your terminal is using. Bank type and configured Merchant and Terminal IDs are are controlled via your CloudEFTPOS account.


This setting shows the Host URL where you can logon to your CloudEFTPOS account. Your Username and Password is supplied to by Quest.

Debug Options

This section is locked from general access. The Quest Support will guide you to this area if needed, and provide a Passcode for you to enter.


This section is locked from general access. The Quest help team will guide you to this area if needed.
The Quest helpdesk will provide a Passcode for you to input.
These Utilities are under the control of your Level 1 Help desk. To access this menu you must phone your Level 1 help desk. Your Help desk will identify you and the terminal, before asking you to input a one-time passcode into the terminal to unlock the Utilities.
Pending Reversals
Options: Display Pending Reversal

Options: Delete Pending Reversal
An incomplete transaction occurs when the payment terminal does not receive the final end of transaction message. The incomplete transaction function allows the user to Display the transaction details, to delete the transaction or to reverse the transaction (i.e. send a message to the Bank to back out the transaction).
Options: Deletion
Bank Application/s
Options: Change Bank, due to an outage, change of circumstances
Key Initialisation
The Key Initialisation process is used to RSA Key Initialise the terminal. This is the process that is used to setup the security keys with the Bank is only required when the terminal is new or when the Bank returns an error
Diagnostic Tools
Checks specific functions of the terminal:
Smart Card
WiFi etc
Upload Logs
Uploading Terminal Logs allows the support team a detailed look at finding the cause of an issue


Your help desk may ask you to access this page to help diagnose issues.