Donation Point Tap Terminal

Making a Donation

Only contactless enabled cards, Smartphones or Smart watches can be used as a method of payment with this terminal. After a donation amount is selected, the terminal will display the contactless logo on the screen. Simply present the card or device near the contactless logo on the terminal's display. Four green indicator lights will be displayed when the card or device has been successfully read. The transaction result will be displayed on the terminal as either approved or declined.

Selecting a preset donation amount

Donors are usually presented with 4 preset amounts (defined by the charity on the CloudEFTPOS portal). A donor simply selects a single preset amount that they wish to donate. See video below for a typical transaction flow:

Entering a custom amount

The ability to add a custom amount is set by the charity organization on CloudEFTPOS. If this feature is enabled, it will allow a donor to input an amount (up to $99.00). When the [Custom Amount] button is pressed, a numeric keyboard is displayed to input the desired transaction amount.

Cancelling a Donation

To cancel a transaction, tap the [X] button in the top left corner. The terminal will then return to the Preset amounts screen.

Understanding transaction error codes and declines

It is prudent for a terminal operator to understand payment error codes and why a transaction has declined in order to rectify the issue and ensure the donation is not lost. A decline can occur for multiple reasons. It may be an issue with the donor's card, the donors account, insufficient funds, the charity's bank, communication between the terminal and the banks etc. The error code is displayed on the declined screen.

Table of Error codes (Quest Merchant Services)

Note: Each bank or acquirer that you bank with will have their own specific error codes. The below table is specific to Quest Merchant Services.
Result Code
Check terminal is connected to the Host by either WiFi or a mobile cellular network
The transaction has been rejected by the issuing Bank due to insufficient funds. Refer the cardholder to the card issuer. Ask the customer for an alternative method of payment.
The cardholder’s Bank (issuer) has not allowed the transaction. Contact Merchant Help Desk.
The cardholder’s Bank is unable to be contacted to authorize the transaction. Ask for an alternative method of payment.
Unplug any cables, restart the terminal. If the problem persists, call your nominated help desk.
If your charity are supplying the SIM card, please insert it into the device (see this section for details). If Quest was to supply the SIM card, please notify the Quest Support to resolve.