Donation Point Tap Terminal

Connectivity Guide

The Donation Point terminal must connect to the internet in order to process transactions. When connecting to the internet for the first time, use a trusted WiFi network rather than the 4G network that your terminal may be capable of. Using a WiFi connection will allow the terminal to update its software quickly if required. To access the communication setting of the Terminal, you will need a Merchant passcode. This passcode restricts who can change how the terminal connects to the internet.

How to find my Merchant Passcode

Your Merchant Passcode is used to restrict access to your terminal's connectivity settings. The Passcode is located in your CloudEFTPOS account.

No Network Alert

If the terminal is NOT connected to a local or Mobile network, the following alert will be displayed.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network

To access the Communications menu, hold the 'Power' button down for 3 seconds.
Tap [Settings] > [Communications].
Enter the Merchant passcode, then tap [Enter].
Next tap the toggle to enable [WiFi].

Ensure WiFi is active by tapping the [Use Wi-Fi] toggle. The toggle should slide to the right.

Once active, all nearby WiFi networks will appear. Select the WiFi network you wish to connect to then enter your network password. Note that an unsecured WiFi network will not work.

Note: Passwords are case sensitive
Once the details are entered correctly, the Wi-Fi symbol should become visible in the status bar on the top of the screen.
The icon will indicate whether the terminal has a strong or weak connection to the WiFi network. If the connection is weak, either move the terminal closer to to the WiFi router, or you may need to install a WiFi Extender to boost your WiFi signal and range.
Note: Each time the terminal leaves and re-enters this WiFi network, the terminal will automatically re-connect to it without needing to input the credentials again.

Connecting to a Mobile / Cellular network

Note: Connecting to a Mobile network is only possible if a SIM card is fitted.
Note: You can check your local area coverage using either Telstra or optus websites.

SIM Card

Typically, a SIM card is fitted into the terminal by Quest.
If the terminal successfully connects to cellular, the cellular symbol will be visible in the status bar on the top of the screen. This confirms that a SIM card is installed and operating correctly. If cellular reception is poor, you may need to operate the terminal in another location, or use WiFi communication instead.
If you need to change the SIM card, contact Quest Customer Care before proceeding with the following steps.

SIM Card Installation

Warning: Installing a SIM card involves interaction with the Li-ion Battery. Discharge the battery to 25% by using the device BEFORE opening the terminal. Dropping the charge level to 25% creates a safer situation when interacting with the battery. If damaged, batteries can cause burns and fire.
  1. Turn off the terminal and unplug the USB-C cable if fitted.
  2. Place the terminal face down on soft surface.
  3. Use a small philips screw driver to remove the 6 screws from the back of the terminal.
  4. Lift off the rear enclosure
  5. Carefully lift up the battery pack, and move to the left. Do not disconnect it.
  6. Identify where the SIM card is located (highlighted blue in image below). If a SIM is already fitted, push the card deeper into its holder to eject it.  When you hear a small click, release your finger for card to eject enough to allow you to use your finger to slide it out fully.
  7. To fit a new SIM card, ensure the SIM card is broken out to the MICRO size. Orientate the SIM with the contacts facing down. Slide SIM into the holder until you hear a click, then release your finger. The SIM card should stay inside the socket.
  8. Carefully place the battery back within the upstanding plastic walls. Take a lot of care to route the battery cable wires around the upstanding connector, and not over it as there is a risk of pinching and breaking the cable.
  9. Carefully re-fit the Rear enclosure so as not to dislodge the battery. Re-fit 6 screws. Inspect the join around the terminal to ensure there are no excessive gaps. If there is a gap, squeeze the enclosures together whilst tightening the screws.

Enabling 'Mobile' communications

  • Open the Menu (holding power button for 3 seconds).
  • Tap [Settings] > [Communications].
  • Enter the Merchant passcode, tap [Enter].
  • On next screen, tap [Mobile].
Once Mobile is active, the Cellular icon (4 bars) will appear in the status bar. Like a mobile phone, the more solid bars that are displayed, the better your cellular connection is to the internet.
Note: It is possible to connect to both a WiFi netwok and mobile network at the same time. In this case, all interactions on the internet will use WiFi as priority over using your Mobile data.